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Music I listen to

Essentially, it's the metal-music, but also a looooot of other music.

Movies I like

The Rocky-saga , Remember the Titans, Back to the future, Office Space, The Godfather 1-3, The neverending story, Wizard of Oz,

About me...

Hello !
Who is this? My name is Magnus and I live in Sweden.

I have just finished my education in logistics at Linköping University :)

What is there to say? I like to sport (running, cycling etc) and to play music and so :)
Urusei Yatsura, One Pound Gospel and Ranma are my favourite Rumic works!

Feel free to write a line or so !

My blog

  1. Rainy Saturday.

    06/18/11 13:41:31 | 0 Comments


    It's raining like never before! Nice !
    Well, summervacation is here and I have no summerjob. I'm still looking around though, hoping to find one =P =)

    Otherwise, what else? It's saturday. They're building a new house outside my window here. New neighbours, hehe.
    Last year in school has been stressful as #)@€[=+/ !!!!! Nice that it's over, atleast for a few months.

    Until next time(if anybody is accually reading this, haha), have a wonderful...
  2. Magnus thoughts 2010-08-10

    08/10/10 20:42:03 | 0 Comments

    Whazzaaap? Where have the summer gone? Damn reexams ! If it wasn't for them I would have summer vacation a few weeks longer, grrrrr !!!

    I haven't done anything that special this summer. I have mixed feelings about going back now. Second year at the university. I hope I will make it without too many adversities (I looked that word up, I hope it is the correct word, =P ) . 

    Humm, I had a lot of things to write here and now, a lot of sentimental stuff and such,...
  3. D-d-d-danger, lurks behind you !

    05/23/10 09:22:20 | 0 Comments

    Today it's sunday but I'm going to school for a while anyway. Exams are comming up and I have to study my ass off =( First, english-exam, then Cost Benefit- exam, then a bunch of re-exams. Naizzzz !
    Today, I would like to do anything but study for the exams. Isn't it funny how shitty (sorry for that word, heh) it feels when things don't go like you want them to, and how great and satisfying it feels when they do, like exams. It's boring to study for them, but it's great when you pass...
  4. Dagen då det hände.....

    12/09/09 22:53:54 | 1 Comments

    Nihao! Is anybody accually reading this?
    Well, lately I have been stressed out about maths. On december 17th I have my second math-exam. It's gonna suck ASS. I don't know anything ! Shit !

    Well, on Dec 19 I'm going home to my hometown over Christmas and new year =D Looking forward to it.
    Merry Christmas everybody !
    // Magnus
  5. Monday 29/6

    06/29/09 20:55:07 | 2 Comments

    It´s so hot outside, I can´t stand it, it´s everywhere, gaaaah! =P

    Well well, how are you all? Are you bored? Me too.
    I got a flat tire on my bicycle earlier today. It´s the third (!) time since last week. WHY?!?!

    Hey, I hope there will be a movie where all the Rumic characters interact with each other. That would be beyond awesome! Hehe =D
    Oh, what a beautiful sunset. What a beautiful sky. Beautiful Dreamer.

    I´m not going to make a...
  6. Thursday 12/2

    02/12/09 13:19:08 | 0 Comments


    What am I doing? Nothing special accually. I am looking through my window down at all the street.
    It´s a beautiful day today. I like when it´s cold. I think I will take a walk or something soon.

    Am I the only person from Sweden on this website? If not ; Skriv någonting kul eller ät en kudde =)
    I am searching for a summer job but it is difficult. I need all the money I can get if I am moving to study this autumn, heh heh.

    "If you don´t get...
  7. The story of Magnus

    02/07/09 10:03:38 | 0 Comments

    Hello hello.
    Is this a blog? Alright!

    I woke up about an hour ago. I read the newspaper, drank a cup of coffee and then nothing special.
    Yesterday i ate 3 pieces of candy. They did not taste good.

    Well well, have a nice day girls and boys!
    // Magnus

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    Thank you, magnus~! :D
    (Sorry for the late reply DX)
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    Happy Halloween!! :D

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    Reply from maagnuuus:

    Thanks ;D

    I tried to count the number of sentences in a string. for example:

    $string = "Hey hey. My name is Magnus. I like pancaces";

    The string contains 3 sentences, but aswell in this function, I don´t think there are any in-built function.
    I tried to count the number of showing dots, exclamation marks and question marks, nut it just got really messed up.

    I had something like this in mind :

    function countSentences($string){
    return preg_match_all("." , "!", "?", $string);

    Do you know how to print the function correct? 

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    Something like this should work, only thing you'll need to change is $array to whatever your array variable name is

    $biggest_value = 0;
    $second_biggest_value = 0;
    for($i = 0; $i < sizeof($array); $i ++)
        $current_value = $array[$i];
        if($current_value > $biggest_value)
             $second_biggest_value = $biggest_value;
             $biggest_value = $current_value;
    echo 'The second biggest value is: ' . $second_biggest_value;

    Not able to test this out atm, but it should work!


    Reply from maagnuuus:

    I tried it and it worked. Thanks for the help!
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    Sure!  I am very familiar with PHP so feel free to ask anything about it.


    Reply from maagnuuus:

    Thanks !!
    I want to find the second biggest value in an array. For example:

    $array = array(3,5,12,7,8);

    As far as I know, there are no built-in sort-function in PHP that prints out the second-biggest value.
    My thought is to first print the max-value, 12 here, and make the function go back, until it finds the value under the max-value.
    I am not so sure about how I'll write the function though.


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